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Al Sultan Medical Center, Qatar’s new Healthcare Clinic, is founded with the sincere intent of bringing a personal touch to patient care. We understand the vital importance of ‘health’ to an individual’s or family’s well-being and happiness. Manned by handpicked medical professionals with extensive experience, our patient-centric services are both professional and affordable.

Health - your real wealth

Good health can be a job in itself, especially with today’s fast paced, high-stress lifestyles where we are constantly juggling ‘life’ and ‘style’. With a little precaution, and ‘lifestyle management’, we can take charge of our health, balance life, and get you back to wellness. Regular health check-ups help detect early signs and disorders, and can prevent them from progressing.

Why Al Sultan Medical Center is so Awesome?

It was our passion to offer the citizens of Qatar the best in the field of healthcare that led us to set up the Al Sultan Medical Center.

Primary Health Center
Master Health Check Up

AL SULTAN MEDICAL CENTER is Incredibly Awesome.

  • Basic Health Check-up
  • Executive Health Check-up
  • Master Health Check-up